Sunshine through the Window

Oct 29,2019



At Sunset,the sun shines through the window.

Then we can hae a beautiful sea view from the window,and various boats on the sea.

Seaside building in Xiamen photography厦门海边

Oct 14,2019

Blue Sky with Seaside building  in Xiamen



The Recent Weather is sunny,also had a cloudy day for about one or two days. Then you’ll have a great view of the sea and blue sky.When take a break,also can see lots of tourists walking on the road of Gulangyu Island.

Today,I met a couple who want to book a room in one hotel which is at the same building.They informed me the price is RMB500/day.I think It is worthwhile to see such a seaside scenery.

Daily photography日常摄影傍晚时分

Sep 29,2019


Daily life Photography Record at 4:00pm

night photography in Xiamen

Sep 19,2019

It’s a  building which is in Xiamen,and it’s off duty time,lots of workers still at the office and working.


blue sky and building

Aug 30,2019

good weather building

Xiamen photography

Aug 11,2019

2019.8.3 Xiamen

Xiamen Photography

Watercolor Painting

Jun 15,2019

I got the watercolor paints and watercolor book yesterday.

And I made a watercolor painting,this is my first time to sketch on watercolor book,and it’s a amazing.

It’s good for sketch and painting.

I will keep drawing with watercolor paints and book.Wish I can improve my skill well and soon.

I’m not expert,just learn it by myself.

Wish you like my paintings.

Thanks for your reading and vote.

厦门慢生活 #胶片 street photography

Feb 24,2019

Blue Sky During Spring Festival day holiday photography

Feb 16,2019

This years’ Spring Festival Day holiday is good weather,so I stayed at home and enjoy the view.
Enjoy the wonderful holidays with friends and family.
Drink some tea,my mum and dad also cook some delicious food for us.
It’s nice holiday.


Happy Valentine’s Day.

Feb 14,2019